Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How much oil should a furnace burn a day?

I think my oil furnace is burning to much oil.How much oil should a furnace burn a day?
Well... energy usage depends on several things:

1. The size of your home. The more space you have the more oil you'll burn (all other things being equal). Shut off unused rooms. If you don't heat them you won't use oil to keep them warm.

2. The age/condition of your equipment. The older it is the more it will use, for 2 reasons. First, it may be in need of repair/maintenance and second, new equipment is normally more efficient. Consider getting a system tune-up or buying a new system if your is really old.

3. The setting that you set on your thermostat. The higher you set the temp on the thermostat, the more oil you'll use.

3a. consider getting a set-back thermostat. The more hours a day that you DON'T heat the house, the less oil you'll use.

4. The HDDs for your area. HDDs are Heating degree days. This is normally calculated by taking the average temp of the day and subtracting it from 65 deg F. For example, if the ave temp was 20F (45 HHD) on Thursday and 40F (15 HDD) on Friday. You would have burned more oil on Tuesday than on Friday.

Once it gets cold, oil usage has a fairly linear (straight line) relationship with HDD....i.e., the colder it is, the more oil you use.

5. The amount of insulation in your home. If the house is older, it probably doesn't have enough insulation. Consider getting an Energy Audit and more insulation.

6. The amount of air leakage that your house has. Your house ';breathes'; thru all of the crack around door/windows/other places. If you are serious about saving energy (which I'll assume from your question), consider having a ';Blower Door Test'; done on your home. The test will identify the leaks and the technician will help you decide which are cost efficient to seal.

7. The condition and amount of insulation on your ducts (forced air) or pipes (HW or steam system). If your furnace is in an unconditioned space (garage/ unheated basement) you are wasting energy from your ducts/pipes in those spaces. If your furnace is in a conditioned space then this is less of a problem, but #8 is.

8. The amount of conditioned air (heated air) that your furnace sucks out of your house when it comes on. An oil furnace is a combustion device and must be properly vented to prevent it producing CO (carbon monoxide) and having the CO escape into the house..... very dangerous.

Hope this helps.

JohnHow much oil should a furnace burn a day?
First find out what size nozzle it has meaning gallons per hour, then how many hours its running.
depends on the output, usually around 2-5 gallons a day.
probably a couple gallons, i donno
it depends on the size of the furnace
Well it depends you might have a really old furnace or perhaps your thermostat has gone awry and makes your furnace run more than it should.

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